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We are publishing our press release dated July 11, 2022 that provides detailed information about our plans and our media platform, including our Journal. our main focus has always been to restore the Haldimand Tract to its rightful owners. We have already begun this process and we are now ready to announce it. Read Press Release

PRESS RELEASE: Grand Back Project is Preserving History for Posterity

(July 11, 2022) ⟶ Grand Back is a website that provides online resources for Grand River Mohawk legal posterity. Here, you can find information on treaties, as well as other documents that we have archived and made freely available to the public. The “Grand River Mohawk Legal History Project” is led by Benjamin Doolittle, a fraternal member of the Sha’tekari:wate; one of nine uterine sub-clans of the Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk Confederacy), and is the 6th great-grandson of Colonel Joseph Brant. The project is based on the idea that by making these documents accessible, we can educate people about our history and help them to restore the law, and make informed decisions about our future.

The Grand River Mohawk Legal History Project ...

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