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We are publishing our press release dated July 11, 2022 that provides detailed information about our plans and our media platform, including our Journal. our main focus has always been to restore the Haldimand Tract to its rightful owners. We have already begun this process and we are now ready to announce it. Read Press Release

Top Level Country Domains on Stolen Lands

Indigenous peoples have always been a part of the virtual community since the internet's inception. The internet's first day was a revolution for sharing new and old ideas, and it helped to bridge the gap between many cultures. Not only has the internet facilitated the formation of friendships, but it has also enabled the same types of colonial practices that Indigenous people have faced in the real world.

Cyber colonialism is a real threat to the free flow of ideas from a specific cultural perspective, in part due to the complexities of indigenous communities obtaining virtual dominion or challenging Top Level Country Domains assigned to recognized members (eg .ca .us .au .nz etc:.). Since the dawn of the internet, colonial ...

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Motivation vs Inspiration

Motivation and inspiration are two words that are often used interchangeably. However, there is a fundamental difference, and understanding this difference makes a whole lot of difference in the quality of your life.

Motivation is based on lack

Motivation is what you feel when you hit the bottom. Or when you hear a motivational speaker talk about how he doubled his income by practicing his success principles. It’s based on lack. You seek out something you don’t possess. That is, your thinking mind seeks out what it thinks missing in you.

So when you are motivated, you are driven to work hard. For a while, this is great. But soon, you run out of gas. The stress of pressuring yourself ...

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Haldimand Tract Growth Study and Presentation: An Argument for a little Growth

People need safe drinking water and decent housing. Most of all, Six Nations needs a fair share.

Throughout the last century, Southern Ontario has seen urban and suburban growth on a scale rivaled by a few other centers. Our conurbation, the Golden Horseshoe, holds a quarter of the alien population and is the sixth densest area like it in North America.

Throughout the explosive growth of the last few decades, nearly every community in Southern Ontario has exploded in a wave of suburbanization, which I shouldn’t need to get too deep into here. I also shouldn’t need to get into the obvious harm it causes.

The point I want to address is one has been left out. As these occupied ...

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Provincial Elections 2022

The general election for Ontarians in 2022 will take place on June 2, 2022. The provincial elections are wrapping up, and the victorious challengers are to be sworn in as the 43rd Legislature of Ontario. 

Most Indigenous communities have their own governmental structures, which might be delegitimized by voting in Canada's political system. Whether or not we engage, the Crown's fiduciary obligations to Indigenous nations remain unaffected. 

Go out and vote if you can reconcile yourself to participating in the Canadian system and feeling like you're making a difference. Nobody, not even other Indigenous people, should instruct others on what to do.

In the last election cycle, a letter written by lawyer Pam Palmater summed up her feelings about participation ...

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Convoy says no to development in Brantford

A convoy of Six Nations people and allies said ‘no’ to development in the City of Brantford Saturday afternoon. Dozens of vehicles made stops at various construction sites throughout the city with two Six Nations women – elder Norma Jacobs and Bonnie Whitlow – issuing statements at each stop expressing their reasons for opposition to development.

The group, bore the slogan “ Grand Back ” as they visited each development site, to raise awareness of a recent call for a moratorium on the development of lands within the Haldimand Tract along the Grand River.

Read the full statement here: The Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council (HCCC) called for a moratorium last month with the caveat that proponents must obtain consent ...

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Grand Back Movement Sounds the Alarm to Protect the Haldimand Tract

SIX NATIONS OF THE GRAND RIVER TERRITORY – Outside the Onondaga Longhouse on April 20, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council at Ohsweken/Six Nations of the Grand River Territory announced a moratorium on further development along the Haldimand Tract.

“The Haudenosaunee and its governing authority have inherited the rights to the land from time immemorial. Land is a birthright, essential to the expression of our children and culture,” (APTN, 2021) announced Deyohowe:to Cayuga Snipe Chief Roger Silversmith. “With these land rights comes specific responsibilities that have been defined by our law from the Creation Story, the original instructions from the Great Law of Peace, the Gayanęhsra'go:wa and the good message, the Gaihwi:yo.” The statement emphasizes our responsibilities to the land, as ...

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