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We are publishing our press release dated July 11, 2022 that provides detailed information about our plans and our media platform, including our Journal. our main focus has always been to restore the Haldimand Tract to its rightful owners. We have already begun this process and we are now ready to announce it. Read Press Release

City of Brantford, A Historical Study of the Applicability of Ontario Provincial Legislation

BRANTFORD, Ontario - Jan. 1, 2021 - PRLog -- The City of Brantford Legal Study is a study into the history that aims to bring out facts about the Applicability of Ontario Provincial Legislation and how the British and Canadian parliaments legislated on the Haldimand Tract, an acquired territory under operation of the Haldimand Documents. The study looks at the Haldimand Pledge of 1779 and the Haldimand Proclamation of 1784, as the UE Loyalist Mohawks in Brantford, Haldimand Province consider defending their treaty rights and culture.

The Mohawks of Grand River and the Six Nations people are synonymous with controversies. Often seen as loyalist descent, the Mohawk have stayed true to their ancient forms of governance and natural-born freedoms. However, they have had their fair share of controversies and diplomatic tussles rarely referred to or treated as United Empire Loyalists. Unfortunately, only a few people know the truth about the Mohawks of Grand River or the influence of the revolutionary leader, Joseph Brant, which is where the recent study is looking to shed more light.

The City of Brantford Legal Study aims to ascertain the corrective remedies to restore the Haldimand Treaty using philology by developing a database of documents and records to show the legal transactions and timeline. The approach of the study is unique and ideal, helping to establish the authenticity and the original form of literary texts as well as oral and written records to possibly put an end to the century-long controversy.

The study will consider several facts from different quarters, including the Royal Proclamation of 1763 (Canadas Constitution) Haldimand Pledge of 1779 (Ratified Pledge), Treaty of Separation of 1783 (Canada/Quebec Conquered), Haldimand Proclamation of 1784 (Ratified Pledge realized, International Instrument), and Guy Carleton (Lord Dorchester) Declaration of Mark of Honor in the year 1789. Other sources to be considered are the Order in Council Confirming the Haldimand Proclamation in the year 1791 and the Simcoe Patent of 1793 (Joseph Brant and the Grand River Mohawks reject Simcoe's Patent of 1793, Domestic agreement).

For more information about the groundbreaking study and its revelations, please visit -

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