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We are publishing our press release dated July 11, 2022 that provides detailed information about our plans and our media platform, including our Journal. our main focus has always been to restore the Haldimand Tract to its rightful owners. We have already begun this process and we are now ready to announce it. Read Press Release

Grand Back Movement Sounds the Alarm to Protect the Haldimand Tract

SIX NATIONS OF THE GRAND RIVER TERRITORY – Outside the Onondaga Longhouse on April 20, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council at Ohsweken/Six Nations of the Grand River Territory announced a moratorium on further development along the Haldimand Tract.

“The Haudenosaunee and its governing authority have inherited the rights to the land from time immemorial. Land is a birthright, essential to the expression of our children and culture,” (APTN, 2021) announced Deyohowe:to Cayuga Snipe Chief Roger Silversmith. “With these land rights comes specific responsibilities that have been defined by our law from the Creation Story, the original instructions from the Great Law of Peace, the Gayanęhsra'go:wa and the good message, the Gaihwi:yo.” The statement emphasizes our responsibilities to the land, as ...

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